I'm not even sure where to begin... Buying a house is not an easy process (and whoever says it is, is a lunatic). But buying a house, while starting a new job, getting kids situated into a new school, trying to sell a house 13 hours away, in the middle of the worst housing market in a LONG time and living in a short-term rental is by far the hardest thing I've done. But, I'd do it again and again so long as Taylor Hudgins and Renato Rodic at NEXA Mortgage are by our sides! Taylor, I can't thank you enough for 1. Allowing Brent to live with you and Chris for the last three months 2. Committing to being our agent a month before you gave birth to sweet Mia and 3. Picking right back up with us 2 WEEKS post-partum. I know we were picky and wanted to give up at times but you believed in the deepest part of your heart that we would find THE one and because of you, we did! Damain, I know there were many questions, concerns, and complaints that I threw your way but you just kept rolling with the punches. You went out of your way to make sure we had the smoothest process through a very challenging time. If you didn't have the answer, you were quick to get it. You never once treated us like a transaction. I cannot thank you enough for making this such a seamless process for us. I said it the other night and I'll say it again, you've got us for life. We will never use anyone else.